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House Moving Checklist

It's easy to overlook things with so much going on, last minute stresses with handover times and last bits of paperwork can easily lead to you forgetting something crucial in the lead up and on the big day itself.

It's so easy to forget something with all the stress and anticipation of a move; print out this handy ticklist that covers all the key points for preparing to move, getting us all the information we need, notifying people and organisations of your move and having everything you need with you on the day itself.


The removals process itself

  • Work out exactly what you're moving
  • Plan out where everything will go in your new home
  • List important information such as access and stairs at your new property
  • Arrange a survey and estimate from our team
  • Let us know if you need cleaning and packing services
  • Confirm moving dates and contact numbers
  • Provide us with any maps and plans for the move
  • Provide us with a spare key for the new home


Clearing out the house and preparing to move

  • Have a clear out and dispose of anything you don't want
  • Run down the contents of fridge and freezer
  • Contact carpet fitters and electricians if needed
  • Clear the loft
  • Clear out the garage and shed and bundle tools together
  • Take down any light fittings, curtains and carpets
  • Set aside and clearly label anything not to be moved


People to notify of the move

  • Arrange mains service disconnections with suppliers
  • Arrange disconnection for phone lines and Internet
  • Notify your doctor, dentist, optician and vets
  • Notify your bank, credit card, solicitors and insurance companies
  • Notify TV Licensing, passport control and car licencing and registration
  • Notify your local council electoral roll and council tax
  • Arrange re-routing of post with Royal Mail
  • Notify any creditors
  • Notify children's schools
  • Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries
  • Let your friends, relatives and work know about your change of address


For the day of the move

  • Arrange child and pet minders if required on moving day
  • Set aside valuable items and documents for “hand luggage” on the day
  • Put aside toys and games for children and pets on the journey
  • Put together a catering pack for the move and arrival; remember the kettle!
  • Check everything in the house is switched off and locked up


Expert advice can make the difference between a busy day and a stressful one, don't miss any of the really important things by following our simple checklist, and for the rest, contact us today to arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly team.


For a FREE, no obligation site visit and quote call us on:

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