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Guide For Office Moves

Even the most well organised office team can still overlook things when it comes to moving; for most businesses it's an extraordinary event with the potential to cause a lot of business disruption if you forget anything important.

Moving office is often a huge undertaking that can seriously disrupt business if it isn't planned out in detail well in advance, our 40 year experience makes us an ideal removals provider as we can provide practical advice and guidance throughout the process to ensure you don't forget anything and disruption is minimised; have a look over the guide below to start planning your office move.


Preparing a brief or tender for our removals team

Some companies prefer to produce a full tender for removals services whilst others take a more informal approach; whichever way you prefer we can carry out a full survey and provide a detailed estimate, but in advance consider a few details; will you need us to pack  and unpack or provide long or short term storage? Is there any unusual equipment that requires special handling or transportation? What will be coming and what will be left behind? Have you got a floor plan of the new property and an idea where everything will go? And any details of access restrictions and parking arrangements at both your current and future property are really essential. Give us plenty of details and we can provide the most accurate quotation.


Packing furniture and equipment for removal

Write up inventories for each room, office or department before packing and labelling everything for the move itself; we can provide a range of packing materials and we also recommend you consider our own packing and unpacking service. Often the greatest disruption for a business is in their team having to abandon work so as to pack everything into boxes, with our packing service your office can work as normal, leaving us to do the removals work out of hours alongside an overnight or weekend move.


Mains services and suppliers

Situations will vary depending on your building, but just as when moving home keep in mind informing electricity, gas, water, telephone and Internet providers, as well as any suppliers making deliveries to you on a regular basis, and remember to re-route post through Royal Mail.


Confirm everything with our team

Remember to keep us up to date of any changes to moving times or dates, and double check arrangements for access and parking our removals vehicles at both your current and future location. Remember we'll need keys and access codes to the new building so that our team can start to unload and unpack as soon as they get there, following the plans and inventories you have already drawn up.


Keep your team informed

Remember to keep your staff informed so that they can ensure things are backed up, secured and prepared for any disruption in the form of problematic Internet connections or anything else unexpected at the new business property. Make sure that any staff involved in the removals process itself are clear on everything they have to do and have all the plans, keys and other essentials they'll need to oversee the operation.


Don't let an office move disrupt your work, or fall apart because work distracts from the move, with our simple guide and support, you won't miss anything; contact us today to learn more and arrange a free survey and quotation with one of our experienced removals team.


For a FREE, no obligation site visit and quote call us on:

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