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Guide For Home Moves

Things can be so easily forgotten when your mind is full of key times you have to pick up keys and sign documents, make sure you don't miss anything important with our simple guide to moving home.

Our team will always be happy to offer advice and check that you've covered all the important thing, but it helps to plan it all out and feel a little less stressed if you can plan in advance, and our step by step guide below takes you through all the key stages in moving home.



Schedule of service and removals specification

It all starts with briefing our survey team as well as possible so that they can best help you, and most often that means letting them know exactly what's moving with you from your house so that they can prepare packaging and book suitably sized vehicles and removals teams to handle everything. It's especially important for us to know about special items like valuable antiques, pianos or grandfather clocks which all need special packing and handling. Finally, make sure you let us know the type of property you're moving to so we can make plans for moving any heavy items up flights of stairs.


Packing your belongings for removal

Some people prefer to do this themselves, but we can also offer a full packing service. Remember thing can get a few knocks and bumps when moving so take care to cushion everything and pay particular attention to things like mirrors and picture frames which are very fragile and can crack with very little force!


Mains services and contents of the house

It's important to inform your gas and electricity providers well in advance of a move, as well as telephone or Internet companies; you don't want to get charged for anything you don't use! It's also important to think about a few key items around the house; try to empty out fridges and deep freezers as much as possible and defrost them to reduce weight and avoid any leaks. We can help you with carpets and curtains if required, as well as dismantling furniture which isn't designed for moving around in one piece, but think ahead with light fittings as any coming with you should be removed by a qualified electrician.


Parking and access

Remember we'll need to park up outside your home for loading, and equally need a good spot to unload at your new house, check for any parking restrictions or access problems for vehicles so that we can work out the best way to get our removals vehicle in the right place.


Keys and plans of the new home

Sometimes we arrive at a new property first, so if you have a spare key we can take it's possible for us to start unloading, and we can follow any floor plans you provide us getting everything in the right room and unpacked for you.


Planning for children and pets

Think hard about your children and your pets, especially on longer distance moves. Pets in particular won't understand what's happening and can easily get upset or stressed. Make sure you have a basket to carry cats in, plenty of food and water, and for your children plenty of activities to pass any time waiting! It's also a good idea to think ahead for your own comfort and keep hold of the kettle, tea and coffee making essentials for when you arrive at the new home!



Make sure you get it all right in the lead up and on the day with advice from the house removals experts at Wild Removals; contact us today to arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly team.


For a FREE, no obligation site visit and quote call us on:

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