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Advice On International Removals

Most people will only move internationally once in a lifetime if at all, so it raises a lot of questions whether you're a private individual moving home, or a commercial business relocating or setting up a new office overseas.

For both businesses and homeowners moving internationally, much of the process is the same as moving down the street, the big extra factors to consider are getting professional export packing and support booking shipping and preparing paperwork like export documentation for customs. As with all our services, we can guide you through the whole process.



Talk it through with us as soon as possible

Besides giving you an estimate of cost, we can talk you through the whole process, pointing out anything that might raise problems; some items are allowed in one country but not in another, or may need export crating to keep them safe throughout the journey; get us involved early and we can highlight most things that may cause problems so that there's plenty of time to find a solution.


Export wrapping and packing

Space really is at a premium when moving internationally, and we can help ensure you get the most out of your shipping crate space whilst also getting everything properly export wrapped to prevent any risk of damage. On local or national removals our customers often pack themselves, but we certainly recommend utilising our packing service on international removals. During our initial survey we can also estimate just how much space you need as it can be possible to save costs part-loading a shipping container. We generally recommend shipping your belongings, however air freight, whilst much more expensive, can be a useful option for items that you will urgently need at your new location.


Shipping and scheduling

We'll discuss scheduling options with you to find ideal dates and times for moving, and then take care of all the shipping requirements, booking you space and a crate, and if any gaps in the schedule do appear we've always got the option of short term storage facilities. We'll also talk you through any customs or export documentation you require to travel, ensuring everything is in order well before the moving day.


Delivery and unpacking

We have international removals partners in countries worldwide who will meet your crate at the other end and deliver your belongings at your new property, and we'll ensure you have all their contact details in case there are any delays or other problems.


We aim to make it simple

As you can see, we try and take care of most of the unfamiliar aspects of an international move, so that you can focus on deciding what to bring, where to put it at the new location, and making sure everyone has the right dates, keys and access to be able to get you moving.


Wherever you're moving home or office, getting advice on all the details of international moves can help the whole experience that bit less stressful; contact us today and arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.


For a FREE, no obligation site visit and quote call us on:

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